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Sehat Sahayak aims at connecting people by providing them with every piece of information they need to secure themselves and their family’s well-being. On our way to creating an experience truly prime for users and their healthcare experts, we overcome multitudinous challenges almost every day.

    Book appointments- -Verified doctors
  • Find doctors easily
  • At low cost
  • Swift appointment confirmation
  • No waiting
    Lab investigations- verified reports
  • Free home collection
  • Get reports on phone
  • Get reports within 3 hours.
    Free online consultation- highly qualify and experienced doctors
  • Low response time
  • 100% confidential and private
  • On demand consultation available anytime and anywhere

Our innovative healthcare solutions are a step towards bridging the gap between healthcare experts and the patients. We are investing in the future. We value openness, transparency, knowledge and agree to disagree to not just create a user-friendly healthcare platform, but also an environment our employees love.

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